sunday 07/09/2008

Guild:230924 for easy access.

Join us you will have so much fun.

Joi forever knights they are very active

saturday 06/09/2008

It sounds like he wants people with collectors I presume smiley

Come join the skulls of darkness

Looking for a well rounded group of elite and active members? We welcome all beginners and anyone who is looking to be a part of a dymanic, and active group. We offer support to all.

Your message and guild introduction somehow persuaded me to try to join this guild...

I was about to wait till im in a higher lv...but i prefer a really useful, friendly and helpfull guild that can share strategies, card exchanges, and liveness (ppl who are on often).

I am a B rated player (above average, semi-average player) that carefully checks each move and try to avoid making bad mistakes...if I lose the round, I try not to make a fuzz of myself and try to learn from my mistakes for the next round (battle) I face...I log in mostly on one of the weekends and some nights during the weekdays...

I am interested in joining also because it can help me play better as well as I can help my guildmates...

thank you for the understandment (in other words, can I join?) - sorry for that long and confusing post


P.S This is the same response from your last guild forum

Lol. im sorry!

Join and grow with us! Our experienced team will be there to guide anybody that needs help.

We also welcome experienced players to grow with us and make the city a better place!

I would like to join ur guildsmiley

I need some members! we will have daily markets and trading. we will have lotterys, and our guild will be active everyday. so join only if your an active player. we can just chat over the message baord, or whatever u want. if u join u can give me ideas of how to make the guild better. i will accept any levels (no lower than 5). so come join the Storm Streakers!

I would love to have you in my guild skulls of darkness

FIRENOOBZ is recruiting players under level 30 post if you want to join

Well Organization XIII is really great!!
We have tourneys and people can get cheap cards and stuff like that!!
It's so awsome!! Your very welcome in our guild.

Both of you are welcome at my guild called Organization XIII. Its a fun active guild that everyone participates in. We do tourneys, have a guild market, we also have a deck review/advice thread and much more! So come on and join smiley

Wanna join a guild but you’re not high enough in levels to represent? Try AMERICAN GANGSTA Baby! 10+ is how we roll:

Well u can join organization xiii most of our guild members are on at least once a day we got 32 members active guild message board guild market and is good for any lower levels
of course higher levels are welcome

Pls. Join The Guild You Will be accepted I Promise

Http:// smileysmiley

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