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saturday 13/09/2008

friday 12/09/2008

I'm now #1 in Australia for today.... does that help with anyone wanting to join? I need one or two people...cmon...


go to there put a title saying "[Buy] Buying Chad Bread Cr"

someone will answer quicker there... smiley


Link.. smiley

hehe link is a character in a game...


You forgoty your guild linky.. smiley

Join now and fight to be the best minion in the guild

Please consider on joining my clan. I'm on constantly so if you need any help, you can message me at anytime.

Here is the link to my clan : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=324397

Join East Coast Legends Academy

How do i join

Join the DESTROYER OF WORLDS guild regardles of lvl!

Join the DESTROYER OF WORLDS guild regardles of lvl! our motto: You are the best, or you are nothing. Let nothing in this world, or out of it, keep you from being the best. And if someone gets in your way, destroy everything that they hold dear, then destroy them. That is the way of the Guild.

"Lights off, Masks on, Creep silent. Destroy everything, Leave

join & make me happy^__smiley__smiley__^, dont join and make me sadsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Join Silient Angelz

We used to have 300+ members but we fell apart. We could use some good people to help us reclaim our past guild popularity.

You can join the Top Ballers smiley

thursday 11/09/2008

I believe that this should be closed since a new and updated recruitment thread for WMD. Thank you!

Well i just made a new guild, i hope this guild grows.... but only you can make it grow.....

Level 15+
Must be active.

Sky Zero

We need some admins for our academy for hosting markets and bids and you have to be over lvl 20

Excuse me, why is this awesome recruitment thread being buried under all the other ones?

BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley


Seeing that your guild already have an existing recruitment thread, I am closing this one and redirecting you to the other one:


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