tuesday 27/12/2016

Cassio cr gone

I offer:

- 1 Edd Cr 0xp 73k
- 260 Belmundo 0xp 2.1k/t
- 94 Ylati 0xp 260/t
- 31 c porks 0xp 260/t
- 22 Brampah Noel 260/t
- 12 Brampah 260/t

Looking for:
- cash
- Pericles 0xp 75k
- Nekron 0xp 37k
- Pandora 0xp 43k

Gaia 0xp 3k each
Nanook 0xp 1k3 each
Bryan 0xp 9k each

I'm willing to go down on the price of my Elya Cr,

Send me your offers

Ah yes pfulls are not legal in forums anymore, i close this.

Going to sleep, will look at any pm and this thread in morning.

Willing to trade Glorg who I value at 12k Clintz for the either:

Oshtisune valued at 14K (I will compensate through negotiation of 2k Clintz if this offer is taken)


Randal (4.5K), Graff (6.5K) and Massiv (1K)


Shizawa (9K), Yumi (1K) and Sai San (2K)

Any XP will do. PM me if interested or want to negotiate.

Good luck selling at that price

I am looking to trade my Wendel 0XP who I value at 5.8K for Nameko (4K), Wendy(1.7K) and Buba (1.2K).

You can send me a PS me the characters if you are interested for a total of 1.2K Clintz if you are interested.

[Trade] My Tessa Cr 0xp for Dragan Cr (any xp)

pm mesmiley

I would most likely accept offers if it equaled 10M. You have to start the price somewhere.

+40 sam

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Hi mate, i'm looking to buy youre pack with spyke cr.
i have to offer 1x vickie cr 0xp for them ? are you interested ?

If you do 515k i accept smiley

monday 26/12/2016

Got it smiley thank you, you could close it.

Hi... i buy toro 0xp at 30k ... ps 0XP ONLY!
Have a nice day

He is on the market for 560k

Also adding Marco cr for 95k boh cr are full exp aswell.

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