wednesday 07/11/2018

Looking to trade or sell DJ korr for clintz or expensive CRs, MTs, etc to fill out my collection. Prefer few doubles and limited lots, cash offers also preferred.

I'm flexible with the trades, so if you have any interest in other cards let me know. On the previous trade there were also other characters such as Sobek and Pudge smiley

Do you want 1 Mona Cr full xp tho?

tuesday 06/11/2018

I have 0xp DJ Korr Cr I would like to trade for a full+700k

Gone, all gone.

This post can be gone too.

Trade Enzo for rob cr

Sell all vs cash or cards
2416 Gray 0xp 3k/t (7 248 000)
467 Eleanore full xp 3k/t (1 401 000)
433 Eleanore 0xp 6.5k/t (2 814 500)
174 Zoid full xp 3k/t (522 000)
236 Rapau 0xp 2k/t (472 000)
238 Mallory 0xp 6.5k/t (1 547 000)
102 Sir Lambda full xp 1.3k/t (132 600)
34 Sir Lambda 0xp 6k/t (204 000)
105 Jasmine 0xp 13.5k/t (1 417 500)
101 Wanda 0xp 20k/t (2 020 000)
103 Platoona 0xp 5k/t (515 000)
58 Death Wing 0xp 40k/t (2 320 000)
49 Chlora 0xp 5k/t (245 000)
37 Kinjo 0xp 80k/t (2 960 000)
29 Ghoonbones 0xp 6k/t (174 000)
10 Sol Hona 0xp 6k/t (60000)
68 Morrigan 0xp 6k/t (408 000)
3 Quinn 0xp 13k/t (39000)
17 Nahema 0xp 6k/t (102 000)
1 Gruber 0xp 240k

I rechercheCASH and all in 0xp
General Cr 15m
Kiki Cr 16,5m
Lyse Teria Cr 18m
Guru Cr 18,5m
DJ Korr Cr 20,5m
Cannibal Jo Cr 11m
Death Adder 2m
Dregn Mt 0,6m
Spyke Mt 0,6m
Kenny Mt 1,3m
GraksmxxT Mt 0,55m
Cassio Cr 0,55m
Jim Cr 0,91m
Nahi Cr 1m

1 Miss Twice Cr 0exp 2.3m/u still available

I dont need Death Wing now

Hey guys it's me again looking to acquire a DJ Korr Cr
If you have one to trade PM me I currently have 4 mil clintz and my collection value is around 80 mil I would like to tall business

Hi, i want to trade my bigs for mts and other cards above 1M

I have:
General Cr 0exp
Lyse Teria Cr 0exp
Guru Cr 0exp
DJ Korr Cr 0exp
2.5M clintz

And for now I want deals envolving at least 1 of this cards at any exp:
Cannibal Jo Cr
Kerozinn Mt
Nemo Mt

I evaluate everything at the current market prices
Send me your offers smiley

monday 05/11/2018

I put all on the market, pm if interested smiley

Sry, I have already done the trade smiley

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