sunday 03/02

I am still buying so if interessted please send me a message, thanks.

saturday 02/02

Still got a few more!

Jeena: Sold
Ackh: Sold
Hawk: Sold
Omega Dregn: Sold

Up one last time before closing subject.

Adding another 5 cards,trade 70xVictor Van Dort 0xp for No Love 0xp

friday 01/02

3 messages

Just_commons: it's okay, don't get all worked up about it, i'm not forcing anyone to sell at that price for me, i only gave my budget price, if it's okay with them... good
if not, still good, so it's all good, okay

Homie jesus: "Alluka(dope name by the way!)" thank you smiley

Sold all the cards, thanks to everyone who was interested. smiley

I buy kalindra cr payment 1.780M. I await contact...

thursday 31/01

Exchange done smiley

If you invest, you ll get:

you sold some card, it became CR or even MT
you invest in some cards, they didnt became CR or MT and have huge drop in price

wednesday 30/01

I'll take anything that's remotely serious

Looking to purchase DJ KORR for 16 million clintz. Send me a PM if you have him for sale, I would be willing to negotiate a little bit!

Hey I'm willing to give you 16 mil for him!

I'm willing to pay 16 mil! Send me a DM!

Up,accepting Cannibal Jo Cr any xp

At the moment only Scarlacc has not been mentioned of interest to any player.

I will close the thread once all the trades have been settled or 12 hours from now depending on which comes first.

I will be busy tomorrow and I will try to settle things. If you send me a PM before the thread closes, I will consider it, even after 12:01PM GMT+8.

tuesday 29/01

Estimate each Figaro at 80k now ( all 0xp)

Congratulations on buying your card smiley

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