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friday 22/08/2008

I will never join blue flamez guild, i used to play on there guild, but they only hav 10 people!!!!!!!!! and plus, there lying....they have a level 11 on their guild.... warning, do not join this guild.....

Ya, join our guild (if you're qualified)! smiley

thursday 21/08/2008

Well iv created a guild, its called Elite Team British Squad. its for level 20+ BUT... for 6 hours only im allowing lower levels in. Starting Thursday 21.00 - Friday 02.00. The guild will be very active after i get it up and running. Ta guys

Hey guys join our guild the €hosen one

Join my guild and together we'll K.O. all of our rivals

Im going to need new members hopefully lvl 5-10 so come join me on the quest to victory for we are the ragora

We now have over 20 members. Please people let it keep rolling. We would love it for people to share there knolegde within our guild and am ssure you can learn alot from other people in our guild too.smiley

wednesday 20/08/2008


Theres Your Link ...

GL smiley

Guild:302866 <------ your guild link smiley

GL... smiley


Thats your link sorted out smiley


Join godz of voodoo we are a nice guild

You forgot the link


All members of my guild are admins so that they can improve the guild

Hi I M A LILL 31 i m looking for a Guild

I will accept u
join the
gods amoung men
apply and your in

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