friday 16/12/2016

Anyone willing to sell at 1.2mil?

I will buy Blaaster Cr for 280-300K send me private offer and message smiley

5 Kalindra Cr 0exp left, and here is the updated list of wants:

Miss Twice Cr - 630k
Reine Cr - 560k
Selsya Cr - 540k
Ambrose Cr - 515k
Jim Cr - 420k
Seldnor Cr - 310k
Melissa Cr - 415k
Nahi Cr - 400k
Dwain Cr - 350k
Skullface Cr - 355k
A Award Cr - 330k
Beltran Cr - 325k
Dounia Cr - 315k
Cassio Cr - 260k
Swidz Cr - 250k
Geuner Cr - 225k

Ok for me i give you : 1×Splata Cr
1× Kerozinn Cr
1×Manon Cr *1
1×Marlysa Cr
1x Miss Twince Cr
And 1 kk by cash

for dj korr

Je recherche:

1) 1.5m Cash
2) vickie cr + jackie cr
3) kerozinn cr + 50k


If you take 3 Tanaerva 0 tho you can level one yourself and still have 2 at 0xp for future collectors

thursday 15/12/2016

Like title says,my Korr for your Guru.
Pm me!

If you are looking for certain cards just ask and ill let you know If i have it or not

Looking to rid myself of my rescue deck. theyre all maxed xp thought i alec marco and sledg along with other very good expensive cards. interested?

wednesday 14/12/2016

Sorry I'm looking for aegis smiley

Take 3 marina, and ask me when you get more aegis! x)


I am looking for a few 0xp cr like ombre I value at around 450-460k I can offer cards, and Clintz

tuesday 13/12/2016

Going to close this for now, make some more changes. possibly do an auction or 2.

I can handle 245 k clintz for that cassio
Let me know if interested via pm

Please make a new thread which included all the cards with their estimations and level.
thanks !

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