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sunday 17/08/2008

My Guild stand for Correct Chosen Card's !

Weekly tournament


Enge muna ako ngCR bago ako sali.... lol

- must be 15+
- active
also we always have a giveaway on

Join the Urban Meances

...once we get a certain number of members i will start selecting admins!
........This guild is open to anyone....smiley

saturday 16/08/2008


This is a guild for level 15 and up
join to buy sell guys
battle eachother
or train
overall join to have fun and make freands
because the guild is going to the top of the ranks in the BATTLE ROYAL


The Vice Blue Space Dragon

Pm me with offers

Mods please close this post we already have another post

If your good and a low lvl looking for a quick guild then we have got the right guild for you smileysmileysmiley
xpert duelists we have all tips for you like how to squeeze more experance points out of battles were all friendly smiley so y not join today by clicking on the link below smileysmileysmiley

We are looking for people to join our guild just check us out and join us to be the best guild thier is

Join our guild (u can be in another matrix movie i know the director!) so join!

Still looking for ACTIVE players..please read requirements

Thats funny your not even level 20

Brand new guild smiley

anyone can join for now. so get in while you can smiley

If you need to get a beter deck or sume help join hellboys and HELP HELLBOYS HAVE THE BEST GUILD

We are looking for players to join our guild. please join
if you join my guild you will be strong i promisesmiley

W r recruiting !
I wanna gathering player all over the world to join this guild.
Player will be friend - talking to each other, exchange card, practice etc.
This will be friendly guild.

Come and join us at "Harmonize Knight" guild
Or any question send message to "Rescue__Girl"

Be union $ Be Friendly

P.S. Good luck all of your country in olympic

Send me one

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