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tuesday 19/08/2008



You forgot the link..

East Coast Mafia
There you go .....
GL smiley

Sorry I forgot to post it but you have to be level 15 or higher to join.


Theres your link...
GL smiley


Theres your link now .....

GL smiley


Theres your link now smiley


Hey, Blitz here
This is the soon to be best guild EVER! ..::.. Total BlitzKrieg ..::.. is an upcoming guild and is accepting ANYONE!!
the guild link is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=305172 please join smiley just click the "applie for guild" text on the left of screen smiley

we are currently recruiting all members from Australia and NZ


but message me if your under 20 cause i can arrange a time and date which you will on privilege in the guild

then after that if your not 20+ then your kicked soz

heres the link



We've got 8 members now and have a constant guild ELO of 1200 after 4 days only. Level 20+ have to have an average ELO of at least 1150. =D

Yeah we definitely are going to the top. And thanks a lot 0UC_Shadow.

monday 18/08/2008

We are looking for new people to join our guild. You MUST be a minimum level 15 to join the guild. We are very active players and expect the same for the people joining the guild. If your interested just send me a message or apply for the guild. Ohh, and we want English speaking people so they can post on the message board.

Thanks, Shocky1000

Please look into my guild and join!


Theres Your Linksmiley

GL Realthug smiley


Theres your link smiley

GL Rescue__Girl smiley


Theres your link smiley

GL DarkAngel89 smiley

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