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thursday 07/08/2008

Join Silient Anglez now (lvl20+) Here is guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=172427

Hey guys i was a full member of card tricks til my brother clicked on leave guild when i was upstairs so im wondering could i get back in

smiley mga pinoy!!

sali na kayo pra di madisband....

+cebulution+ ang name ng guild...

Plz close i joined one already

Matie you are not in a guild arggh.

If u play hockey and are higher than lvl5 this is your place i will help u to get better and the first 3 to join are going to be som mods

wednesday 06/08/2008

Hey dude could you get me in the shadow hawks because i aint in

Hey what happened why aint in the shadow hawks

Come forth my invaders
soon will be our time to invade so if you dont want to be invaded
join the invaders

Im posted 11th o yeah

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=289070 when ur 35 join the main guild

Everyone is welcome. all you have to do is sign up and have a burning burning passion for this gamesmiley

Ben quoi je me marre bien lool

The comps r usually for credits just so you know

Mods Close Please... Making New Onesmiley

Or ypou could join my Guild... Summer Solstice with an offer right now of free avatars if you join and dont forget tournies games and more

Why make your own guild bro .. hehe

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