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monday 04/08/2008

Mods close please

sunday 03/08/2008

Mods close please

*Cough Cough
Aussie Battler's is 2nd lol
well that is if you include the stupid L1 french dudes

Join the army! Safety In Numbers is my guild and the guild hopes to grow and take over! We will own the tournaments! Join my guild, join the revolution. This guild will be the downfall of others. We hope to have big numbers. It doesn't matter what lvl you are. There are safety in numbers so even if your lvl 5 you will be safe. We don't turn down lvl 5s because even they can help at least a little. Join today and join the new age!

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Join my guild - fire-heart...

There's a new guild on the british block called urban kingdom, me, run by me and legend we aim to be the best in britian, we r accepting 10+ for now and we r accepting only british people, (might accept if not as long as u can speak english.) The minimum level were accepting will start to go up but we will always fight 4 britain. Just postulate to join and make the right choice.

( free cards r given away in competition. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=289948

See who knew i had a brain power to think this up smiley

We need members all over the world
we need active members
we dont care if you weak just join our guild pls

Bump we all like pie lol

Looking 4 any uk or usa players lookin to join a gulid

saturday 02/08/2008

We have terneys giveaways to most improves players and we will help lower level player get therr decks started.

Still looking for members

Join join join we don't care wat lvl you are we make friends we look out for each other

I need more members for my guild, we have very few members, we're not exactly the strongest guys, and i have an unnatural obsession with werewolves, join if you can http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=289126

Please join the DrAgOn RiDeRs, i started it 2 days ago and already it has 10 members or more,, please just apply no need for mail


Hello flags of all states im going to be the best one day with my friendssmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

friday 01/08/2008

I am the founder of this guild an i am looking for members to join the only requirements are that you be atleast level 7 and try to recruite atleast one person in after... other then that we are a normal guild... any takers???? we provid protection for those who need it and persecution for those who seek it hah peace

smiley need more player,s join "urban's elite" guild

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