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wednesday 30/07/2008

Come on people join united earth

We are a selected group that is here to bring fear to clint city. So if you think you have what it takes to get in then go ahead and apply, (my admins are picky so 50% win ration is an ideal requirement) but if you think you have the deck to prove it then we welcome you. P.S. If you want to join and you know you'll meet the requirement then PM my admin malokri and tj, tell them you saw my ad on the message board. REAPER

Read the game's rules

tuesday 29/07/2008

Started up a new guild called the divine sadists guild.
Im looking for some new(10+) players into metal, madness and a bit of mayham.

Im the founder of my very own wacky guild!!!
The Divine Sadists Guild.
If you are into madness, metal and a little mayham join up. Im looking for lvl 10+ players with a penchant for perforation. A Flair for fury, and wicked wisdom.
If you want to be a god, why not be a nasty one?
AND UNLIKE MANY OTHER GUILDS IM INVITING NEW PLAYERS!!! lets grow and get to be buds together.

Thats right, u can join us too. we arent a huge guild, but when we get more members we will have drawings for cards, and stuff

The rules guide doesn't give a very clear explanation as to how the two relate to each other and what they even do!
So what exactly is power?
What exactly is damages? (this sounds like an attack measure, but so does power)
How to they relate to each other and what accounts for defense?

smiley Can any one tell if there ever was any rescue collector cards or if there will be some in the future smiley

How can you help me make a guild?


Theres the link and GL smiley


Bushi Bushi

Theres the link and GL smiley



Theres the link and GL smiley


No rpobs
sorry i havn't been on for a week because i had to sort soem things out.smiley
but i'm gonna be on more nowsmiley

At the market for 3100 clintz for a rare lvl 2 card go quick

I would join but im only level 20 looks like im half way there

Trust me, this gould rocks!!!

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