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tuesday 29/07/2008

Has to be decent and have structure
lots of members

You seem like a fine young man... if things don't work out over at "Alpha Wolf Squad" you might give Gotham's Finest a peek. We're always interested. Good with a pool cue?

Hey man...my guiilds called army of metalheads smiley..i guess we both are after the same idea smiley

I'm recruiting for the guild that will soon be the best in the US. all levels are welcomed and all feared decks wanted

monday 28/07/2008

Help us get to the top.we will help you.

We are recruiting only the best smiley

Does anyone want to join my guild its for lvl 5s and over till lvl 15
its a smiley , smiley place to hang out

Calling All Gangsterz we can be deep on the net as well as the streetssmiley

Anyone wanna join a new-created guild named Aura ? 10+, Thanks !

Join my guild, it's only active players, and if you want you can share techniques there

Here's my link

Wait acually its Flaming Dragonz

smiley Thanks for the feed back folks...When u click on "my guild' u get to see the guilds name and a brief bio, well next to that bio is a flag,my flag as is now is the american flag. Very cool but i have members from different parts of the world and would like to have a world flag...Any insite on this matter will be greatly appreciatedsmiley

sunday 27/07/2008

I'm recruiting right now actually i just created my guild

We welcome all to apply to the way of the guild we are a new guild, but powerful still. I ask that only english speaking players apply. We hold Guild tourneys and other great prizes for the winners of contests.

To apply click this url http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=265411

I need member

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