thursday 17/07/2008

Our guild is going to be the best one day. With the help of many others, this guild will be number one! We can also help support anyone who joins. Accepting Level 18 and above active players.

Death devilz is such an awesome guild so please join!

-We are looking for lv 10 and up active players active players
-We are an awesome guild with 20 players but very new

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You have played that guy before... After 2 fights in a DT you start getting 1 point and 1 clintz to prevent cheating.

Read the sticked subjects up top..

Cakey join my guild plz

wednesday 16/07/2008

Join us you are almost garented to get in! we are a tad inactive but we hope to change that soon

Falvern think agin my top elo score is 1230 round about

Are there any other Ruskis out there?

All welcome. need 2 admins to help with recrouting and guild MB.

All join that want to they will not b canceled

Step 1 click on link below
step 2 click on join guild
step 3 enjoy an tell all your friends

O i thought that was a little wierd

Why not join my new guild

Summer Solstice look at my post for the link

tuesday 15/07/2008

Come and join our guild. I will be active and helping whenever/whereever i can.
think about it for me and help us become a great guild


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