saturday 12/07/2008


Its the training guild for uk no1 - time lords-

friday 11/07/2008

Card Tricks is looking for new members..
-- must be loyal and friendly
-- must have a sense of humour and hae a laugh
-- must be social and keep up on the forums

and in return we will do our best to give you hints and tips on everything from deck building to money making -- Click to join

We only expect people to battle others in tourneys and in our group. If you can do those two things join up if yah good. If your still new WE can help yah out.

Get at me anytime.

We need new people for doom slayer only requirment is 1000 battle points just pounstlate if u want to join there are exceptions

Screw it dont join

Anyone else interested in joining.

thursday 10/07/2008

Looking for a guild? Join the newly created 9th Divison

Help make this a grate guild.

I am looking for people to join my guild i need people so my guild does not get deleted.

Thank You

Golden lords are recruiting! join now and get 3 free cards!

UK only

Plz join this guild
If you look at the guild then you will see that it is not that good but we are all improving and we are all helping each other by sharing stratigies
The guild is quite active as i am always on UR and my friend tommy_NRG is usually active and he is ranking up very FAST !!!
If you want to be an Admin then all you have to do if message me and ask and i will see how much you improve over the next few days
The guild is about 1 week old and we have got 6 members in
If you join this guild then you wont regret it
I will accept anyone as long as you are UK

You might be able to join my guild the dark light guild it is tenth in our country

Welcome to the Time Agency Recruitment Thread.

The Time Agency while named for fun, is designed to help newcomers settle into the game and provide a good environment for older players as well. There are plans for an inner guild market, games and vaious contests.

To join simply send a request asking to join and you'll be accepted.

The Time Agency.

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