tuesday 15/07/2008

-any level

-Any fair play

-no requirments

Open to anyone looking for a guild

smiley http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=250287 smiley

Bonne nuit à tous, je suis là pour vous annoncer l'ouverture de la guilde des chasseurs de vampires. "Vampire knight" est ici pour tous les fans de vampire knight le manga, et des fans de vampires en général. Je vous attends donc tous autant que vous êtes. Les seules conditions d'admission sont une participation active et un fair play exemplaire.

A bientot

Shyrishe la sanguinaire smiley

[Danish] Dem der ikke kan forstå engelsk, kan lige så godt glemme alt om at joine..

[English] .ftw is for everybody with potential. The criterias for joining, is that you have to be atleast lvl 10, have a 50 % win-rate or higher, be able to sell cards and be active.

The goal with this guild is to gather all the best players with a solid win-rate and make it even more solid.

Basicly we are a Danish guild, but we are growing too strong for Danish-only .. But if you are Danish it would be good of course smiley

' aussie battlers ' REPREZENT

Helloz im new to this game whats up

Join Warriors Of Darkness + Awsumness please cause like it says we are awsum and accept any members of any levels we just need more ppl to join

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Join my guild

Hey join mine,its new and its free.its good enough for a level 10.

Message Me If You Want Me In Your Guild

Feel free to join TOTAL OWNAGE!!!!. founded by louiemack


-We want strong active ppl. smiley

-2 be admin beat me menolaxv smiley

-And we need ppl with GUTS & COURAGE.

monday 14/07/2008

Im and founder of the guild, level 30, plus we have lvl 32 and 22 admins. compliments on yur picture

Hey guys is my old ruin a wish game still around?

Im accepting anyone in my guild who is lvl.11 or higher plz join thnx

The guild clan guild is recruiting all clan specialists into our guild so, the only specialists we have so far are in : sarkrom, la junta, junkz, all stars and fang pi clang so come on in if u want a fresh start from ur old guild, looking for a new adventure in Urban Rivals or are new to the game

Come to our guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=272976 we accept players from level 1-15, once you reach level 15 you can join our mother guild and become part of one of the strongest guilds in the U.S.A, all you need is to be able to speak english

Join today any pirate lover would know.
Any level is qualified you.
You want in your in.
Notify me if you want the greatest oppurtunity of the life time.

sunday 13/07/2008

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are expanding and are excepting all LV15+ and u must be from the usa or canada and must have there flag you'll also must be able to speak good English cuz we do not allow bad mouth talk in witch we do not under stand thankz ur friendly guild the <=chaos-knights=>smiley

Please join my guild if you are any lvel i would appretiate it
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