saturday 12/11/2016

Yeah, chaosdragon88 does xD

Would anybody be intrested in buying it ?

Added the tag " BUY " please use the tage for creating thread, thanks smiley

25k + Jessie full xp for Pillzinator ?

Will buy for 9k each

Both are 0 xp and price can be further negotiate smiley

New Card Pillzanator 48k! PM me fast smiley

27 Dounia Cr 0 xp + 75 Heegrn Cr 0 xp ?

or 550 Heegrn Cr 0 xp ?

friday 11/11/2016

Fully evolved preferably. Please make offers under market price as I'm tight on clintz.

example: Veenyle 70k, Chiara 65k, Slyde 12k and Noodile 30k

Thank you smiley

Pm me for a faster response

Your welcome bro smileysmiley

The batch is inseparable smiley

50 shaker 0xp 30k each

I even trade her for 1 milion + Tanaereva!

Would accept 330k card but not clintz because of the tax.

This is really only for lot sales and big ticket cards.

thursday 10/11/2016

I am selling 100 artus 0xp 2866/t
No negociation !

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