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monday 14/07/2008

Hey guys is my old ruin a wish game still around?

Im accepting anyone in my guild who is lvl.11 or higher plz join thnx

The guild clan guild is recruiting all clan specialists into our guild so, the only specialists we have so far are in : sarkrom, la junta, junkz, all stars and fang pi clang so come on in if u want a fresh start from ur old guild, looking for a new adventure in Urban Rivals or are new to the game

Come to our guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=272976 we accept players from level 1-15, once you reach level 15 you can join our mother guild and become part of one of the strongest guilds in the U.S.A, all you need is to be able to speak english

Join today any pirate lover would know.
Any level is qualified you.
You want in your in.
Notify me if you want the greatest oppurtunity of the life time.

sunday 13/07/2008

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are expanding and are excepting all LV15+ and u must be from the usa or canada and must have there flag you'll also must be able to speak good English cuz we do not allow bad mouth talk in witch we do not under stand thankz ur friendly guild the <=chaos-knights=>smiley

Please join my guild if you are any lvel i would appretiate it
Numbers and letters alike

This is my own guild and im A lv 26 and a guru with 39 cards and still growing, but enough about me this is all about u, the ones who want power. U have had the rest now its time 2 join the best "The Titanic Distroyer's" so anyone can join and if u already r or become lv 15 u can become a admin or u can battle me and prove u r worthy and that doesnt mean u have 2 beat me just show ur skill and power and u can become a admin also if ever need it u can get bak up with any problems and anyone who gets in our way will be Titanically Distroyer and they wont show there face again so remember if u want power and 2 be the best join "TheTitanic Distroyer's" and you never hav a problems again.

Cmon i need more members

Join Destiny! Fast Growing English Guild smiley

I am interested in joining, plz.

Heres Daa Link


Join these guys, they are awesomesmiley

Sinister guild is recruiting members from lvl5 and up.... send me a message

saturday 12/07/2008

We're looking for people who have a wild style to battling.
PvP amongst other Guild Members
Player Assisted Card Help.
New or an old players we look for em all.

is recruiting level 18 +
this is a young guild
with active players and
modest and humble
guild members that will
help with decks and more
stuff in that area come and
join ! until next


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