tuesday 08/07/2008

there u go that should help out

We have tornements aswell as quzzez to win cards


Goodluck. Your recruitment will be easier and faster if you will provide a link.



Goodluck. Your recruitment will be faster and easier if you provide a link.


lv 15+
join our new guild
for any one lv over 20 to join i'll give that
person 500 clintz
only up to 3 though
so hurry up and join

monday 07/07/2008

The link to join is
click it

Here is the link to play the narliest weapon of destruction game http://www.xgenstudios.com/play/stickarena

~u kill stick ppl~

~your rank goes up~

~awsome weapons~ and chat to ppl~

smiley smiley smiley

Thank you for your answers


Theres the link and GL smiley

Any one who wants to come to my guild is more than welcome!!!!

Hi, u can join The Assasins From Hell, but we dont have many people, so u might no thave a lot of people participating in the guild room, ty for reading this

Fair play is affected by the way you play. It will eventually go lower if you tend to time-out and forfeit during your battles. There are percentage which are determined by those battles. Your fair play rating will vary thru the colors and the smily faces (Yellow - smiling face "100%", green - semi smiling face "99-96%", orange - almost frowning face and red - the frowning face). The percentage represents the number of expired battles that you had.


Everyone has the bug, this is currently beeing fixed. (30 seconds)

Hardcore Pimp Guild

Also can I say one thing your not hard core or a pimp if you play online card games.smiley

If you want to check us out - iLove

sunday 06/07/2008

Great new guild about this awsome guild

Bump cmon join plz


Theres the link and GL smiley

We are currently recruitin level 10+
here is our link
i know its only just begun but its gonna be a great guild and when it does u can brag to all your friends that u there when it just began

That is what the streets of Clint City are like, so isn't that what guild you should be in. Make the ways of the streets your own!

check out Realm of Chaos

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