sunday 06/07/2008

Join the cool Street Sharks, I might hold monthly tourney every month if enough people join

Become a terrifying predator today


JOin us.were a new one is too sucky for our guild

JOin Now!!We Dont Judge you in this guild!its for everyone!noobs and pros!As Long As you are active.


So ya if you love sublime this would be a good guild to join =) just apply to this guild and no matter your level you'll be accepted.

I love the StarSpawn and all the members, I could never imagine better players, people or - well, teachers!

Hello i would like to join your clan i stated no long ago but im skilled and like to envest so u can expect highly from me smiley hope you will like me


Band of Brothers then! we are almost on the front page of the USA guild rankings

I need a admin . can you help?

saturday 05/07/2008

Help us on the way to the top prizes and terneys monthley.

Join my guild The Titanic Distroyer'sany anyone who steps in our way will get titanically distroyer and anyone is welcome

We have over 50 players and we are heading for the front page. we need some one higher than 24 and active with at least a yellow face.

U should join zero dead force we have lotteries and tournies every week

Join urban madness

its real freindly =]

logo UR 2 messages

Hey join here ill train ur cards

I have just created the guild 'Minions of Hades' so i can get to better know some of the people of this game. If you join my guild, i would be happy to become friends with you.

Guild Motto: Play with your lives at stake!

I need any one who wants a guild to join mine

Our guild page is at:

Sorry for not posting it in the previous posts.


Join urban Madness

U will be respected and protected by us all u need to do is ask apply for the guild if u want to join

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