wednesday 13/07/2016

My Dudley LD dream remake would be 8/4 Defeat -2 Opp Life. Min 0

friday 08/07/2016

Riots guarenteed

When are NB coming?

wednesday 06/07/2016

I like the way you think, Dokuja Ld: virtual world immortality and turning into dragon.

Nice job on the transformation, Arcto!

tuesday 05/07/2016

hot logo UR 413 messages

Again, it'd be AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL if we could customize the views on threads, the market, and our collections to fit our tastes. Maybe have the option to view pages zoomed in/out, adjust bg colors in case stark white is too bright for your eyes in the forums. The white bg looks too much like the stuff I do at work. I play this to escape! lol

I much prefer having smaller items/boxes with more data on screen at once. Would be great to have the option to adjust the views!

Yes elo has really low prizes smiley

monday 04/07/2016

Now I'm waiting for next promo! smiley

saturday 02/07/2016

372 stars. Dounia Cr. I have spend 302 cr and very very much time. Not so very good deal.

friday 01/07/2016


Close all the browser windows, or close app, then open again.

thursday 30/06/2016

smileysmileysmileysmileyNO UR_Chaossmileysmileysmileysmiley you will be LEVEL 200 and not get any LEADERS and/or mission points and those Mission will never be fixed any way UR does not care for Leaders Mission Points or giving players cards they earned. In general all they want is more CREDITS buy PACKS who cares about leaders or missions NOT UR staff................. smiley

When will these two be cr officially

wednesday 29/06/2016

@Frog OK 6 9
You can use Roots, its HQ 4 Montana. There are no deck restriction against Roots. Unfortunately Brody or Ellie cant be used in Hardcore.

U released copper cr but you banned jean?
u're basically asking jungo players to use Regina or not even play elo
also you made it only 1 5s so now jungo players are stuck with only Regina and we can't even use Byron or Zornado.

UR staff what are you doing? why do you hate jungo so much again?

friday 24/06/2016

I guess it's an app bug? Since the trophy doesn't appear when viewing cards on the app?

Orton, Tania, mojo, ninja nyn

My predictions for toddys release are: Gheist, senitel, all Star and jungo

thursday 23/06/2016

April O neill could be in Pussycats or maaaaybe Junkz/Uppers.
Casey Jones would be to similar to Alexei.
Master Splinter would be a cool Fang Pi but we already have Sprinter...
Jungo already has Ronald but GHEIST could maybe get a sewer turtle...
Shredder is to similar to Koshiro and Krang is too similar to Djengo
Maybe Bee-Bop and Rocksteady?

Is there a part 2?

hot logo UR 63 messages

@ -Pillman: No, not currently.

@Xonia: No problem. (All my personal opinions, of course, so your mileage may vary.) smiley

wednesday 22/06/2016

Success! I had all 4! And 2 Uchtul Cr!

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