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thursday 17/07/2014

Come join Legendary Domination I think you'll like it. smiley

I have found a guild now, thanks guys. smiley

Im playing again , join now and get your chance to get crushed by mesmiley

wednesday 16/07/2014

Good luck bro

tuesday 15/07/2014

I'm now in OTK, more suggestions are welcome in my pm smiley

Artemis, and 1 clintz for every time you need to put guild link in the message smiley


saturday 12/07/2014

friday 11/07/2014

Enjoy the simple nice guildsmiley

Hey just started up my guild, looking for new members to join, wed love to have anyone. Truth Be Told joining us is the right decision.


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Come on guys 1 more for admin spot 7 more for gild tourney

My bad im new to thissmiley

thursday 10/07/2014

wednesday 09/07/2014

With that good luck wish, his luck ran out. smiley

sunday 06/07/2014

Regardless I feel this is not the correct place to be interrogating me on my event activity, any further issues should be sent to me by pm rather than in my guild recruitment thread.

saturday 05/07/2014

smiley y is none saying anything. this is a great guild with a unique reward system

You remember and know us well.
We are The Rising Kings.
We were once top 3 in Activity in the US.
After my absence, the guild lost it's way.
We WILL Return to our former glory...

But to do that, we need you.

I need you.

Thank you,
(TRK) A713N

Still no guild link?

friday 04/07/2014

Hi I'm looking for people to join my new guild.
This guild Necessita a powerful, brave and very brain people.

The requesitos:





a greeting

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