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wednesday 27/12/2017

Ill add eddie and grudj

Put in ps if interested smiley

Also want to trade my Full XP Swidz Cr +75k for a Swidz Cr 0 XP

tuesday 26/12/2017

Closed all done smiley

Good evening to all I am looking for a guru cr 0xp 18M for this I propose 4 nemo cr 0xp 4.5 / t a you

Your kalindra Cr for my behemoth, toro cr and 30k from me? anyone smiley

My estimation is for 0xp but I can equally take a full xp Lizbeth (estimated at 420k)

Well I think that would entice more people in my opinion because he has the potential to rise to B5 level just because he was practically introduced as a CR into the game. Which I mean props to UR for not only making this card for such an important person to UR but also giving us a little bit of a throwback to what it was in 2006

Can Also give cards instead of Clintz..

My Elya Cr 0xp vs Lamar Cr 0xp or full

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