wednesday 19/10/2016

Be better if you specify how many full and 0xp smiley

This one goes to tricky for 50k. Thanks for all the bids..

tuesday 18/10/2016

I have in 0xp for the trade Bristone, XU-Kr4ng, John, Kamakura, Drakorah, Shaker, Wilde, Arnie, Sammy, Bryan Rb, Thorpah, ED12, Mim, Brok, Grouchy.

This on goes to bleach for 520 per card. They are full Infiniti.

@GUBEKA LOA i send dagg cr

4 Ymirah 0 xp vs Vickie cr 0 xp

Estimate the cards you are looking for.

I have an aegis i wanna trade

Sorry im not willing to trade i want clintz smiley

Selling Splata Cr Full xp, 1.450000 clintz

Found him. Closed

Looking to buy miloz for 12,500ea put them into my private sales

Thanks smiley

Now i want only 20k for TATANE rb

monday 17/10/2016

Romana 0exp 72,9k
Lowki 0exp 38,4k
Lady 0exp 55k
Drakorah 38k
+5k cash?
For 2 Dr Copernica Cr

Kerozinn Cr any xp 1.3m
Vickie Cr any xp 1.1m

Miss Twice Cr Bought.

60 Liona 0xp 34k each!!

As title say i have Kinichaw cr full xp and I'm looking for Copernica cr any xp
I cam give +5k clintz
Kinichaw cr price in market 96.5k and Copernica cr 101k

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