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tuesday 25/04/2017

Sold please delete this post

X1 Kerozinn Cr 0exp

The price is negotiable i only accept clintz

I put in ps already. I will close the thread soon.

Sold it smiley
I close the post

monday 24/04/2017


sunday 23/04/2017

Found, thanks everyone! smiley

Ikr such a steal.

Jouki, respectfully, I was asking at 6.5k when they were 7k.

Market manipulators have got to Gonzo, increasing the price.

I'll have to buy them at a higher price now, or not bother smiley.

saturday 22/04/2017

Im trading 2 quetzal and 1 cortez for 3 drakorah pm me thanks

(TRADE) Dr elisa x Pandora

Irrelevant to me

I sell 80 Sephora 0xp 1900/ each

(Mp for trade)

I Buy all your Gatuchica 0xp 190/u smiley

Valued at 2m~

looking for 1 or more of the following cr

rass cr
dragan cr
tessa cr
scarlett cr
ndololo cr
sum sam cr
marlysa cr
manon cr
berserkergirl cr
aldebaran cr
shawoman cr

i am selling

Xantiax Robb Cr x 8 = 410k each
Kero = 920k
Noctezuma Cr x7 = 130k each

that's the prices i value them i am looking for big lots too.


friday 21/04/2017

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