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tuesday 17/06/2008

need MOAR epic members to keep my guild afloat.

anyone welcome, people with l33t skilz (headshot skillz etc..) preffered... ahaha, i dont really care.

but yeah, its a pretty chill gild. if you join, you automatically rise 17 coolness lvls. smiley

Any one can join even lvl 5's we dont think your weak so join

smiley This is the guild to join we have a very fun time when we play urban rivals and we try to build friendships along the way so if your looking for friends and fun we hope to see you soon!

monday 16/06/2008

You guild sounds awsome can i join?

This is my new guild, looking for new and old, titans and seniors, or even starters. We have weekly tournaments and everyone helps each othe rto excel, Its a UR perfect society!!!
Please join

Heres its page http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=181982
min lvl 18 must be good and active
a lot of our members left so now we're letting in more members
we'll help you in any way once ur in

We have a great guild going on. we could help u with cards and much more so join us

I am currently in the Everyday Hero's Guild and i think that it is a great guild. The people in it are always willing to try to help me if i need help. We have got free lotteries going every so often and free tornements. Both of which have great prizes. They dont put presure on you to be active every day and be constantly in this game. But they still expect you to be fairly active and getting higher through the levels. I think this is a good guild and lots more people should join.

We are looking for some more fighters, if u r interested then just send ur message, thank u all and goodnight

Chainsaw Massacre is recruiting yo so go ahead dont be shy sign up. OR ELSE!

smileysmileysmileysmiley I am recruting members for my clan.
ANYONE form lvl 10-20

Were a new guild recruting lvls 5 or higher. but were allies with the total ownage guild. any matches with them is friendly!

sunday 15/06/2008

I would like people to recuit our clan like me because i am a strong player and all of us are strong players too and we deserve to be a good recuit

Dragon Dynasty is a Fast growing Guild. We will only accept members that are showing activity and are english speakers. This ensures that the guildmembers will be able to connect and understand each other more fluently. As a Guild Leader, i think it is wise to be proud of you guild and ensure that the guild is what its suppose to be to your members. The guild is planning to hold many of its own events in which you can receive a random prize for winning. Although we are growing fast, Your acount profile will be viewed before you are accepted into the guild. We will look at how many Wins/Loss you have, along with your rank. Come and join us as we are Active, Competitors, Friends and lets not forget KOOL, lol. This Guild has a promising future and a long history dating back to the "Dragon Dynasty".

PS: I will also be providing the guild with its own Guild page, where guild members can then register and post forums and introduce themselves. It will show important event dates, guild announcements, and allows you to express yourself freely.

Hello ppl any one can join this guild.You dont have to be a Final Fantasy fan to join.Anyone can join,abosolutely anyone.The guild is fun and there is alot of ppl there.We dont care what Lvl you are on we dont even care if u are lvl1.We can help you with the game and give you our secret strategy if u join.And it doesnt matter what language you speak or if u are from a diffrent country.We can show you decks to to help you win in:
All are welcome.

Sorry we have to i dident notice close please

Follow this link below


Are you n00bish, are you experienced. are you from America, UK or Australia? Join the english warrior guild. fight in glorious battle alongside some of the best players. compete in tourneys against your fellow guild mates. Any insight is completely appreciated and acknowleged

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