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tuesday 26/12/2017

Sry all gone, thanks.

I Need Fairbanks, send me offers

Well, you looking for doubles also or just a wide selection? Cuz assuming the latter, finding equivalents to a smokey will be rough. I'll offer a shann, a blaaster & a joy. Gl


29 Lola 0xp - 50k ea
6 Shann Cr 0xp - 180k ea
10 Edd Cr 0xp - 130k ea
5 Miloz 0xp - 30k ea

Grab them now! smiley

All Spyke 0xp, Nahi 0xp preferred but not needed.

Theres one nemo for 2.8m clz full in market smiley

My #Nemo Cr full exp for your Alec Mt any exp

edited by Cthulhu_MoB tuesday 26/12/2017, 06:26

Greendy are also 0xp

Hello ,
I have a #General cr 0xp (16M)
I am looking for :
- clintz
- #Nemo cr 0xp (3.1 M)

pm for offers smiley


I am selling 62x Dorian
41 full xp rest 0xp

I am looking for a trade all for a Nemo Cr or sell them for 50k Each.


monday 25/12/2017


I am interested in #General Cr (currently est. at 15m)

For this I offer 1 x #Nemo Cr 0xp (3.3m) + 1 x #Behemoth 0xp (570k) + 11m cash!

Let me know if you are interested! smiley

Hi guys i would like to trade

4 Kerozinn Cr 3 0xp and 9 lost hog cr 0xp for your 3 nemo cr any xp

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