wednesday 19/10/2016

Thanks for the offers. Still looking though. Adding Mona 0xp for 205k to my want list.

Sorry to late Gubeka. Maybe next time.

Close this thread plz

If I am offline still pm me smiley

Sorry I couldn't come to answer

Ratanah full 46k
Lucy 11,5k
Antoinette 32k
Grudj 28k
Olga 26k
Muze 9k
Lea 13k

Anything else just ask or pm me thanks, also make your offers if you're thinking of anything different (:

Be better if you specify how many full and 0xp smiley

This one goes to tricky for 50k. Thanks for all the bids..

tuesday 18/10/2016

I have in 0xp for the trade Bristone, XU-Kr4ng, John, Kamakura, Drakorah, Shaker, Wilde, Arnie, Sammy, Bryan Rb, Thorpah, ED12, Mim, Brok, Grouchy.

This on goes to bleach for 520 per card. They are full Infiniti.

@GUBEKA LOA i send dagg cr

4 Ymirah 0 xp vs Vickie cr 0 xp

Estimate the cards you are looking for.

I have an aegis i wanna trade

Sorry im not willing to trade i want clintz smiley

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