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thursday 12/06/2008

My name is speical agent gibbs lol

I didn't have room for the link. ^.^

If you play World of Warcraft and would like to show your support, send me a message for an invite. The guild name says it all.

Idk how to link

Become one of the founding members of the Force Fighter's Guild! Help make decisions and have a greater chance of becoming an officer! I look forward to you joining.


Join jungle monkeys now! we will recruit ANYONE who is from the UK! But remember that u need to beover LVL 5
me and the other Admins will nd help you along the way as much as we can!

Jungle Monkeys:- http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=220919

Monkeymii- LVL 12

We have tournaments and if you are good enough, i will make you an admin

Squad Zero is taking in more recruits to make are guild bigger and stronger. The only thing you have to do is become stronger. If you become strong enough I might make you an administator.smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Join the Under Dogs!!! a new guild THANKS!!!

Here's a link: enjoy! smiley

guild: 197345

Bad acid guild wants more members if any body is interested

Join me comrades, for the glory of the soviet union.

The first one that gets it right will get the card.

You can become an onnerary toy soldier by going to, (www.toysoldiersunite.com)

wednesday 11/06/2008

Join and become part of the avenging movement!!
Only lvl15 and lower,we will start to rule UR from below


Join if you are lower than lvl15,we shall become masters together
Young blood will be spilled on our turf lol

Ok accept 15 AND UP


We are the elite kings who were dethroned because of harsh rulings but now we are back and we have strength in numbers it is time to take back what was rightfuly ours The Urban Kingdom!!!!!!!!

This is a fairly new guild and we need some good members to give us a little push. *must be American and atleast lvl 7.

Join the loveless fighting unit lvls 15+

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