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monday 02/06/2008

We are looking for Christians to help us get this guild off of the ground and grow for God
if you are interested this is our link


level 10+


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Behold the brutality of the Open Casket, if you're level 25 or more and can speak fluent english we encourage you to postulate to our brutal guild of brutality.

Join mortal Wounds

We are still a small guild but we will try our best
to make this guild BIG

There are no cons, lest you join a guild that has requirements, but honestly how hard is it to fufill most requirements asked of someone in a guild? You shouldn't join a guild only for your own benefit. You should join for yourself, but also to help make the guild stronger and help the other players in the guild become better. There is a post by Symbolic about the reasons to join a guild that you may want to check out before posting a subject like this.


I will choose silient angel over any other guild anytimesmiley

@hate,,, umm,,,, idk,,,, ur a lvl 22 which KINDA doesn't sit too well with us now that our guild requirement is 25+, but the worst thing of all is that u haven't really played the game all week,,,, meaning u wouldn't be as active, altho u could still give it a whirl smiley

Ill join : )

sunday 01/06/2008

Greetings citizens and Leaders of Clint City!

My name is Mindflay and I am currently seeking a guild to join. I am currently level 14 nearly 15 and would like to join something great and make my mark in this City. I'm seeking a guild that will help me advance Tournaments and hope to pass along any knowledge that I may already have or later receive to newcomers.

I'm helpful, friendly, and polite to those who are polite in return. I'm from the USA and I've ranked in the top 130 in one or two Tournaments with a "not too shabby" deck.

Thank you to everyone for your consideration and your time for reading this lengthy post. Please leave me a message/information about your guilds.

Good luck to everyone!

I'm looking for new blood to join my team..If any ones intrested hit me up and well talk about it...PEACE

I welcome you to a small corner of the world where new Leader being born,
In here we only have 3 principals
Democracy - Communication - Respect
People from every corner of the world already join us, what held you back?

You're most welcome to come here : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=236729

Looking for some people to help buil this guild into something great

We are accepting lvls 15 and up check us out we are a laid back guild and liek 2 have fun and collect cards join join

We are recruiting new players to join you must be lv20 or higher to join
this is the link.

Winning= points = Ranking..

lets raise up n be 'most wanted' in this ting

Please visit my guild page and my profile page for more informationsmiley

Also, this guild will hold bi-weekly tournaments. For some people it might be free while others in the guild will have to pay a small price for a grand prize. Also, it is not 15 and up anymore it is now 10 and up.


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My guild looking a new recruit from Poland. If you are from Poland and you want join, go to: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=238281

Yer but wot happens wen u get past lvl 23???

r u kicked out???smiley

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