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sunday 08/01/2017

Anyone can he give me Sabrina for 16k
send it to me tnx smileysmileysmileysmiley

There are nearly 150 0xp on the market at 8k, no way are they worth 10k each

I have Geoffrey Lots x40. 0xp. I will sell one piece for 22k clintz. Price is negotiable.
I also accept cards like Spyke Cr Arno Ghumbo Charlie Ongh Pandora Ursula Jackie Cr Gil Cr Noctezuma Cr Dalhia cr Smokey cr Pandora
Please pm me for offers. It is negotiable.
Spyke Cr = 90k
Arno = 50k
Ghumbo= 35k
Charlie =100k
Ongh =120k
Pandora= 40k
Ursula =60k
Jackie Cr = 390k
Gil Cr = 60k
Noctezuma Cr = 180k
Dalhia cr =270k
Smokey cr = 360k
Pandora =40k
(full xp , 0 xp doesnt matter. pm me)

Still nobody?
Come on...

Topic inactive for more than 2 weeks, closed smiley

My 20 karl 0xp(380k)
Your Jackie Cr 0xp (380k)


20 of my karl 0xp
against 40 bryan 0xp

Anyone can he give me Sabrina for 16k
send it to me tnx smileysmileysmileysmiley

Its leaving to off topic chats, i close this.
@dragone black i ask you to continue on this topic which you created.

The player is currently blacklisted, for the time i will close this.

Even if you have 1000 + cards you need to state them as well as estimate them, you can use http://ur.xephon.org/ to do it fastly if you're lazy,
closing this due to inappropriate thread.
thanks smiley

saturday 07/01/2017

Sigmund Cr + Lamar Cr + Kerozinn Cr + Ombre Cr + Reine Cr + Caelus Cr + Skullface Cr + Armanda Cr. = 9183k
Lyse Teria Cr = 9123k

If you want, I offer you the CR vs Lyse, without complement

Oxp Sig?

Request one copy only.


j'échange 54 Rhyno 0xp contre vos 4 Spyke Cr 0xp. VP!

Merci et bon jeu

I am buying your gemini 0exp 400/U smiley

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