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monday 26/05/2008

Join the nicest and friendliest guild. 59 members so far. who will be the 60th? if it is you, you will will get a cheap card.

Accepting any levels and type of players. Will happily accept any Square Enix or Shonen Jump fans or both. smiley
Members must at least play the game once a week


I only accept 10 and above levels this guild is completely active and i might give discount in any members of my guild .......... just postulate im my guild .. pinoyz rule !!! (^__~)

We accept lvl 30 and above, active players only, and first 3 become admin

Guild:231006 smiley

Hey are you a Filipino then join this guild, even if your flag in your account is not the Philippines Flag you are still welcome as long as you are a Pinoy like us, it doesn't matter what your level is as long as you are an active player your welcome here. This guild is exclusively for Filipino players, and must be an active player. It's not about you, it's about all of us, we are a team. We build this guild not to compete with other guilds but just to have fun and play Urban Rivals for fun. We build this guild this for Pinoys to hang out, chill out, and get together. If we have many members it's better because we will also have more new friends... About our Guild's name, maybe your first thought that this guild is made for bad peoples but no, tehy say that "Don't judge the book by it's cover" right? It's also the same about our Guild's name, maybe not a good name but the guild members are great. And regardless of your level or your winning record you can still join this guild, we don't look upon the levels of each player but we should look upon each other as brothers and sisters so that this guild will be known for it's good attitudes and values...

Lmao date smiley

Guild:233042 smiley

sunday 25/05/2008

We are looking for active players over 10

Join energize we are currently 1 in the U.K., we have a lot of give away's and tournies. You have to be lvl 30+ to join.

IF ur level 25 and higher then join our quild and you must be active.smileysmiley

IF i am recruited i am willing to battle for the guild at all times

No silent angels am better

Were back and looking for new wraith so come and join the evil that is my power and let me share it with you
looking for player lvl 10 and up will make exceptions if you are a fare player

Close this thread please

saturday 24/05/2008

We need a pinoy member that is lv 25 and up if your are that guy
please join this guild

Kingz of Kickass are lukin for new recruits, so if you are looking to join send me a request and ill accept it

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