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wednesday 08/11/2017

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/characters/?id_perso=1130 This is the link

tuesday 07/11/2017

Bump. I have 200k ready to spend right now. Send me a message or just drop him in my private sales and I will buy him,

I change the Jackie Cr 0 Xp for a Xantiax Robb Cr 0 Xp to make it even...smiley

I buy Loan 0xp for 1k/u smiley

I take i send you Cannibal jo

Please place a value on full exp and 0 exp of both so we know what kind of comp you are looking for

I offert :

40 zatman cr 0xp 260k/e = 10 400 000 clintz
4 behemoth 0xp 650k/e = 2 600 000 clintz

Total = 13 000 000 clintz!

monday 06/11/2017

Looking to buy a Ymirah cr and a Xantiax Robb if anyone has one for sale. Paying in clintz or trade if you're looking for a specific card I may have some extras of.
Ymirah- 1.3mil
Robb- 1.5mil
Can negotiate if need be.
Pm me or comment below.

Selling Ambrose Cr oxp, current 0xp market value is 980k, willing to sell for a minimum of 950k cash only

I have xantiax robb cr and trade for SPLATA CR

send pm

What is your price of cannibal jo cr and quetzal ?

Im looking for KIKI CR / LYSE TERIA CR and im offering 5.8 million + 2 tessas cr ( 5 mil) + newell (1.8 mil)
Interested send pm smiley

2 #Lyse teria cr full vs dj korr cr and guru cr full

Lyse +500k cash vs : Guru Cr
Lyse +500k cash vs : DJ Korr Cr full

Just got back into the game after a break, need some cash to grab new cards. looking for at least 650k please help me smiley

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