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saturday 03/12/2016

Estimate me pls bulk of chiara cr 0 xp ?

friday 02/12/2016

260 Floyd 0xp + 10 Dolly Cr full = 3238k


My DJ Korr Cr 0xp for Guru Cr.

Thank you,

Bonjour à tous,je prends vos :

gemini 0 xp : 575/t
julia 0 xp : 675/t
agnes 0 xp : 2'6k/t
rockwall 0 xp : 14'5k/t ( max 22 )
henry 0 xp : 4k/t
quinzel 0 xp : 4'2k/t
friskah 0 xp : 5k/t
blink 0 xp : 15k/t ( max 29 )
regina 0 xp : 22k/t ( max 48 )

1 more day and I'll shut this down. If anyone's looking to do a swoop on all these cards, now would be the time smiley

Trade is done, so please close this. thank you

Hi, you are not allowed to post this topic here, thanks smiley

thursday 01/12/2016

Salut. Je enchere moi 80 Zatman Cr 0xp smiley
Pdd : 115k/t

Je cherche :
Les Crs 0xp (pas OPA)
Comme Jackie Cr 0xp à 400k
Les Rares 0xp 50k+

Le fin cest : 04/12 23.59h

The Kerozinn Cr has been traded smiley I have a new trade thread open now for deals working in your favor smiley

Up and ending soon.

I can accept cash too smiley

wednesday 30/11/2016

I looking for a cheap Vixen

i mean not to cheap but not 275k holly hell shes more expensive then the good cr's in pussycats. smiley
if any one wont to sell a Vixen fast for a decent amount of money pm me we talk price but i really not paying 275k got hell no a cr may be. not for a new card only worth around 150k to 100k

For youre noctezuma Cr i can ofeer as following:
1) 10x Virginia 0 xp + 40k cash
2) 14x Virginia 0xp

or if you want to negociate with other card, send me youre offer via message.

Thank you

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