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monday 19/05/2008

Lottery for guild members only. One free ticket for all newcomers!

Fight Club is excepting new members. Must be active.

And also enjoy smokin ganja.....i guess...lol

very fun guild.

We are recruiting right now.

we take any one who just wants to be in a guild.

any level, must speack english.

Please join.

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Hey im ck99 and im new but im pretty strong so watch out

We are recruiting...looking for anyone who is at least level 15...and has to speak english well...we will be having clan wars and also help alot with strategies...

Join Go Yard and Purple Drink...we're pretty good and offer a bunch of stuff...just gotta play a decent amount so as to help get to lvl15

sunday 18/05/2008

If u want to goin to send

Thanks so muchsmiley

I want to join ur gang and me can win fights together

Heyas, created a new guild and looking for more members to practice strategies with and to help become a better ELO player=)

Everybody is welcome, spoken language in the guild will be english.

And remember... Resistance is Futile!

smiley Need people 4 a guild gotta b 10+ to join

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Only lvl 15+ can join. This is one clan who will try to go to the top. We are a clan that help you with deck making, tip for battles and ECT. We are very nice and dont make fun of anyone in the clan. So why dont u ppl help this clan out by joining.

The kingdom of pain requires knights allowing those who seek

It does do with recruitment u recruit amber lol

We are currently number 1 in the uk and in the top 200 in the world

the guild is extremely active and has a lot of tournaments / competitions

so yea join smiley


Heres the link

Good Luck!


Heres the link

Good Luck!


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