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tuesday 05/12/2017

Send me the full too.
0 exp received

Well congrats comando seems like you got the onghs smiley

900k via vp. Any xp.

Put it in my ps and message me when you do smiley

Am open to negotiation smiley

Want to buy Dounia Mt, any exp. 1.5M

monday 04/12/2017


I am looking for Xantiax Robb Cr (currently estimated at 2.6m)!

I am offering:

#Behemoth 0xp - 630k
Newell 0xp - 392k
Caelus Cr full - 720k
900k clintz

Total offer: 2.65m

Let me know if you're interested by PM! Thanks smiley

Yup, blayn won with the bid of rowdy cr. Sending the cards now

Offer negotiable!

As the name say im looking for a reine CR ALDEBARAN CR at a reasonable price so if any of you is looking to sell those cards a bit cheaper well can simply let what they want here !

Auction is over, vegan won with 500k

Sry forgot to write price, I can offer 1.45M right now smiley

Hello everyone!

I wish to make the following offer for a General Cr (currently estimated at 13.6m):

Below I present my offer, estimating them at the market price (for collectors, and exclusive rares, I differentiate 0xp and full offers):

Marlysa Cr 0xp - 2.85m
NDololo Cr full - 3.49m
Dounia Mt 0xp - 2.1m
2xCaelus Cr (1x0xp; 1xfull) - 1.4m
Emeth Cr 0xp - 0.64m
Jane Ramba Cr 0 xp -0.21m
Dagg Cr 0xp - 0.19m
Shaakarti Cr 0xp - 0.17m
Drakorah Cr 0xp - 0.15m
Chikko Cr 0xp - 0.124m
Lin Bee Cr full - 0.06m
Diego Cr full - 0.06m

==> total in collectors: 11.45 million

Behemoth 0xp - 0.65m
Serafina 0xp - 0.49m
Newell 0xp - 0.39m
Additional Rares (Shao Xue, Cletus x 2, ARN2000 x2, Burton, Digging Billx2, Poppy Mary, Fisty Cent, 2xMjollnirah, Hydraereva, Miyo, Noctezumama, Elly Mae, Selina, Pedro x2, El Parasito, La Calavera, Lumber Jack, Zis, Clara) - combined value 0.5m

===> Total value rares: 2.03m

===> Total 13.48m, close to the market value; Offer is also negotiable in terms of some cash, but I wouldn't go much overboard!

Please PM me as it makes it more convenient! Thanks smiley

Looking to buy an Ombre CR for 1.6m clintz! Hit me up!

Want to buy Dounia Mt for 1451000Clintz.

Posted before tried to edit it, failed... and locked the post :/

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