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thursday 19/04/2018

Np maye.

Anyway guys, the price is good and my pm is open for your offers. smiley

I can add 500k more if you want

Still looking.

I am offering
Emeth Cr full xp 550k
Roderick 0xp 275k
John Doom 0xp 75k
Total of 900k
For your Kenny Mt any xp is fine

I sell Comanche 0xp for 2 300 000 clintz. Preferably a payment in clintz, but I can also consider cards exchanges. Contact me in private chat, if interested. smiley

wednesday 18/04/2018

Offer... approx 500k

You can sell to kate for 1m without tax smiley

Looking for 6.5k/h So in total
Will take CR's in lue of clintz.
Also will take other bulks.

Alright. Got all 15 . and More. Thanks guys

Peace and respect, Blaynsmiley

tuesday 17/04/2018

I sell 46 C0re full for 95k each
I search only clintz

Hello everyone!
I would like to change Ratanah Mt worth 580 thousand for bondenpower, fixit, Juicy Lord, Karl. Kurt loocio., good wheel, Shogunn, Tasty Tast, Dixie, + 192mil Clintz. The complement It can be clintz or letters as you prefer
I am willing to negotiate through Private Sale (VP)
Thank you!

monday 16/04/2018

Hi! i wanna trade some cards i have for 1 #general cr any xp of yours:

I have: 5 Maana Cercei 0xp (715k/t) + 3 Xantiax Robb Cr (2.1M/t) + 1 Kalindra Cr 0xp (1.9M) + 1 Nemo Mt 0xp (3.7M) + 1 Zaveli 0xp (320k) + 1.2M cash
Total ~ 16.9M

PM me if interested

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