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friday 09/12/2016

Will close and open new to clarify what is available and re-evaluate cards smiley

Realized I messed that up lol minus draheera + 0 exp dorian and 0 exp Herman

I have still 128 0xp for 5m pm me smiley

Up. also selling x19 Rex Sweig 0xp 150k/each
and looking for trade my Noctezuma Cr 0xp for your full + 10k

Close the post please.
i did the trade

No update from the player past 2 weeks so i close this.

thursday 08/12/2016

Price updated 68k so new price will be 65k smiley

smileysmileyNow also looking for Elya Cr and Lao Cr

I close the thread. I have trade it smiley

0xp for 21500 each

My 10 noctezuma cr, i value it for 200k 0exp

for your lamar cr i value it for 2m 0 exp or full. it doesnt matter.

wednesday 07/12/2016

Up please peoples, give me your blady blink smiley

I'm looking for 10 Gil Cr 0xp, 120k each smiley

Of course, I'm open to any kind of deal.

Added tag dont forget next time, thanks smiley

Cards looking for estimations
Splata Cr 1.4 mil
Tessa Cr 1.4 mil
Lyse Teria Cr 9.5 mil

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