friday 09/05/2008

Close this subject plz

Guild:224348 good luck!smiley

Guild:223680 good luck!smileysmiley

Guilds are for some and not for others. If you pick a good one not one with all lvl 5 non-active players

People help with cards money advice almost any thing

The Best part is just talking and making friends

Close this. we already have a recruitment thread.

thursday 08/05/2008

Come one come all, come join the guild: Ultimate Incarnation, where you can train, send messages, and be a part of something.

Speeder is a good player smiley

Pond Of Terror is open to all countrys and all levels and everyone is a admin.

OUr clan is looking for active and friendly people around the world ....Our requirements is only simple smiley
1.Be Active
3.atleast lvl 5 or up
4.must know how to speak and understand english


Closage, joined Silent Angelz

Im from new zealand
but i alredy got a guild sorry


join silient angelz. to become admin, all you have to do is beat a certain player.

Close this

Guild:221303 good luck!smiley

wednesday 07/05/2008

I have been playing for about 2 weeks and have not met any new friends. Well what i'm saying is, if anyone think they would like to be friends, message me. Thanks

Been refused entry to a guild,thinking about joining one.The Pond Of Terror guild accepts all who want to join.It doesn't matter where you are from or what level you are we accept everyone.

Training camp eh, i recall having a discussion about this among other guild members, and if it was a good idea or not.
i'm glad you found someone to Admin this training camp, i know it must be hard to be distanced from the main guild.

good luck WWE (like the wrestling, but different)

We are a fun guild who are always accepting people who are active , our forum is active for all who like to chat within the guild , and there is alwasy a chance to become an admin if you have the right qualities and level...we also sell cards between our members to help our members decks so they want to play ... so come have some fun with us the urban underdogs smiley

Silient Angelz

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