thursday 11/02/2016

I take Mona Cr 0xp in cash in my private sell smiley thanks smiley

smiley Kerozinn Cr and Splata Cr desired more than Elya Cr, non playable desired very little.


j'ai recherche rb's

Coraille Rb - 38k ( cash - 35k )
tania rb- 40k ( cash - 37k)
acid dc rb- 48k ( cash 44k )
gastroboy rb - 82k ( cash 75k )
sabrina - 82k ( cash - 75k )
bryan rb - 150k ( cash - 140k )

j'ai assui cr's

7 kawamashi cr 0xp - 12k/T
kenny cr 0xp - 110k
blaaster cr full xp - 245k
dagg cr 0xp - 68k

merci smiley

True my bad for jumping

wednesday 10/02/2016

Hello i buy it for 28k in my ps

Im off, leave me on ps 700 each i'll send back Full xp (max 24 times)

don't worry im not s.

Ambrose gone so remainings options is

A) 30 Nellie 0xp + Dounia Cr Full vs 57 Herman 0xp

B) 30 Nellie 0xp + 10 Lenora 0xp + 90k cash vs 57 Herman 0xp

C) 2 Dounia Cr Full vs 57 Herman 0 xp


100 Pericles 0 xp 65k/t

1 Marlysa Cr 0xp 1.8M

1 Sum Sam Cr 0xp 1.5M

1 Mona Cr 0xp 210k

1 Geuner Cr 0xp 135k

1M in cash

Je recherche:

DJ Korr Cr 9.5M or

Guru Cr 9.1M or

Kiki Cr 8.4M

Merci! smiley

Offer closed.

I estimate your offer at 382k, add marina and I'll be interested smiley

tuesday 09/02/2016

Pay the real price is too mainstream. he ned to overvalue his cards and undervalue the cards he've to buy.

Yeh forgot sorry xd
anyway got one so its ok.

Hello Gamers,

i trade my Dounia Cr 's against your Jackie Cr 's! [1:1]

Contact me private, if interested.
Thanks! smiley

2x Marlysa Cr full -> 1.7m/u
Sum Sam Cr 0exp -> 1m200k
Splata Cr full -> 1m225k
Rass Cr 0exp -> 900k
40 yayoi cr 0exp -> 75k/t

One, that's against T&C. Two, even if it was legal those prices are insane.

Sold! Thanks everyone.

Up. Looking for Guru Cr too

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