wednesday 07/05/2008

The lightseeker guild is recruiting. come join. go to RedRiver and click on my name. if you want to look you should be able to find it there. or just go to the guild list and type in Lightseeker.

Vamos a ser el mejor gremio siempre tan si su un Latino nos ensambla por favor. Usted tiene que ser un nivel 10 o más alto. Y por lo menos un mayor.

In English:
(We are going to be the best guild ever so if your a Latino please join us. You have to be a level 10 or higher. And at least a senior.)

Here's the recruit link.
-This isn't a ripoff from MGS is it?
-Depends on what you consider a ripoff. If you used it in a fanfic then it's be ripping off. If you name a guild or a band after it then it'd be simple homage.

-Who can be in this guild?
-Any player looking to be accepted into a guild, level 5 or higher.

-What kind of decks can I use?
-Any kind, but I use Type 1.

Silient angelz i guess but need to gain 1 small patheic lvl ...

Guild:220682 join now!

tuesday 06/05/2008

Join Lightseeker, you won't regret it. come and look if you don't believe me.

Come join urban regulators

we're looking for active players (posts on forums and plays)
we'll help you with your deck and we talk...

and if all that doesnt convince you to join... you get an imaginary cookie if you join smiley
we are not responsible if you're allergic to nuts and the cookie has nuts in it smiley


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Ahh hu am i kidding

i dont hav much tym
managing a guild

i only got tym 2 play

mods can u close dis plz.

A guild that i wanted is

1.allways online
2.can be admin
3.needed helpsmiley


Good Luck!


Good Luck!

monday 05/05/2008

join silient angelzsmileysmileysmiley

Nah, filipinos are not a race they are a nation or a culture. So that'd make you culturalists or nationalists, which is just as bad, though has received less negative media and educational attention. To me they're all discriminating BIGGOTS!

When you look at someone you've never met, do you:
look for differences?
look for similarities?
(it might seem like a meaningless choice, but choosing the wrong option here is the base for most discriminatory ideals.)

Come join energize

level 25+

2nd in britain (soon to be first)

an extremely active guild

has its own website

is incredibly freindly

cards sold alot cheaper than the market

guild link = "ENERGIZE"

5+can join chat about pokemon yugioh digimon and whatever

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