sunday 11/09/2016

Nahi Cr full + 10k? vs u 0 xp

saturday 10/09/2016

And buy bublgmm 0exp 300 clintz each

10.001k smiley

Hi smiley

you care lot of lafleur 0xp, wonder lana 0xp ? if yes mpsmiley

Estimation on card 750, current market price 620

15 of them 0xp

Price i ask: 30000

No bargain, no split sale, whole package or nothing

friday 09/09/2016

Title says all. Cash only plz smiley

more 18 xchnage

The price is at 23700

Ben naaaa a la vue de tout le monde!
puisque tu le vois!!!

Please write the price that you want to sell your cards for

No bro, your character in the market stay for some time, and if nobody buy it, your character going back to your collection! smiley

edited by ArtemisBZ friday 09/09/2016, 07:37

thursday 08/09/2016


Now i want to finish my lot of wanda,so if u have tell me smiley

I can pay:

1-50 Wanda = 5k/each
100-500 Wanda = 5,5k/Each
500-1000 Wanda = 6k/Each
1000+ Wanda 7k/Each

Thaks guys

Tengo a arturo 0xp por si quieres cambiar

50 Tameshi 0 xp ?

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