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saturday 28/10/2017

- kolos

Hello everybody
I buy kerozinn cr for 1.8M full cash..
Thank you

Want to trade my zis for shao xue +300k

Vp, might have goofed a bit on her price. lol


Keep sending offers by pm also.

20x Raskal: 24k/h
20x Floyd: 17k/h
20x Phoebe: 13k/h
50x Faiza 34k 0xp /head = 1,7m
10x nyema: 21/h

looking for (full x1): alec mt 1,7m , kenny mt 730k, ratanah mt 530k
(3x)0xp caelus cr 800k
(3x) sylth cr 0xp: 480k
x1 #mana cercei
(x2) #marshal

friday 27/10/2017

You can make a different offers.
I'm willing to hear anything (with Lamar Cr).

Also you will get 20 k added to your bid per referal you get to my event here. Just have them on me existing players in the event dont count and you count yourself as a referal smiley


I offer my dwain cr full xp + 110k in cash for a copy of thaumaturge cr or swidz cr, i don't care about xp.

Just Aldebaran Cr 0 XP left for sale smiley

50 Boris cr 0xp 129k/h

8 Caelus Cr 0 xp 889 999/t
2 Dwain Cr 0 xp 414 000/t
1 Ambrose 0 xp 650 000

Scarlett Cr 0 xp 3 250 000


Hello smiley
1 drakorah cr 0xp 110k
2 spiaghi cr full 58k/each (116k)

Do you have only one yayoi cr?

@Dysprosium lmao what

Also have
maana cercei
Dalhia cr
Lizbeth cr to trade all market value pm me


I'm searching some xingshu 0xp 50k/each, direct in my private sales.

This price could be negociable, so mp me If you're interested smiley

I could or put it in bank.............

thursday 26/10/2017

+50 clintz to my offer

Hello, as the title says, I want to buy Kalindra CR, any XP, which I estimate at 618k

I offer 350k + 10 Rockwall (284k)

PM me for a faster response, but you can also post here

Thanks! smiley

Sorry lil yachty . Im not interested in half gladisus . Just looking for cheap useless cards

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