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thursday 17/11/2016

I have platoona Rb for sale at 140k intrested pm price is negotiable

Also I have all other Rb cards for sale if intrested pm and I'll give price

I value my Lyse Teria Cr in 9,5M

In order of preference im earching copies of:

Ymirah 0xp - 350k
Impera Sloane 0xp - 128k
Uranus 0xp - 60k
Dregn 0xp - 80k
Shakra 0xp - 100k
Pericles 0xp - 85k
Aegis 0xp - 42k
Marina 0xp - 75k (max 50)
Oflgn 0xp - 6,5k (max 50)
C Wing 0xp - 8,5k (max 50)
Hattori 0xp - 11k (max 50)
Wheeler 0xp - 950 (max 270)

50 sellsmiley

Contact me through PM.
I can buy upto 5 copies

wednesday 16/11/2016

Thats It xD Don't Care About xp

I put it in the French forum, forgot here ffs. Thanks man!

I'm Looking To Get Rid Of These Cards! Prices Around Those I Said But Will Be Negotiated!

Jessie 9k
Eloxia 7.5k
Corvus 8k
Praxie 11k
Dr Falkenstein 6k
Arantxa 6k
Beck-Nena 75k
Plunk 9k
Carter 4k
Sasha 7k
Aylen 6.5k
Flora 5k
Burdock 4k
Korps 30k
Dave 4.5k
Dylan 3k
Toro Rb X2 10 X2 = 20k
Arturo 9k
Esmeralda 10k
Jiro 4k
Steve Rb 12k
Dashiell 6k
Ditha 7k
Sarah 12k
Dixie 12k
Mahimatah 4k
Grace 8.5k
Pericles 84k
Pr Hartnell 5.5k
Zhu Tang 10k
El Papa Gallo 3k
Tabasco Fire 6.5k
Mama Killa 4k
Wonder Lana 5k
Miss Sloane 7k

PM me With Offers

I've got her now

8 vickie cr 0 xp smiley

L sell 6x Glover

ea Glover = 80 k

My offer is dwain cr 0xp+ 40k.

tuesday 15/11/2016

Buying Gemini 0exp 600 per head smiley

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