saturday 08/10/2016

I look for a Max de Geo 0xp

250 / e unity
300 / e for a lot of 100
350 / t for a lot of 300
400 / t for a lot of 500


45 copper 0xp 135k per or cr trade like splata.

Marlysa is gooone!!

Je mets en Enchere:

Lot A: 100 Artus FULL, PDD: 4k6/t
Lot B: 100 Artus FULL, PDD: 4k6/t
Lot C: 100 Artus FULL, PDD: 4k6/t
Lot D: 100 Artus FULL, PDD: 4k6/t
Lot E: 100 Artus FULL, PDD: 4k6/t
Lot F: 100 Artus FULL, PDD: 4k6/t
Lot G: 70 Artus FULL, PDD: 4k6/t

Je recherche:
- Ymirah 0xp (310k/t)
- Ongh 0xp (150k/t)
- Rex Sweig 0xp (150k/t)
- Impera Sloane 0xp (105k/t)
- Zaria 0xp (50k/t)
- Ruru 0xp (37k/t)

Proposer toujours!

Fin: Aujourd'hui 23h58m59

friday 07/10/2016


60 Liona 40k each or trade for Crs

1 Kerozinn Cr for 16 Dregn 0XP

I trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for 50 Dregn 0xp,50 Ongh 0xp and 1.300.999 clintz

I'm short of clints but I'm willing to add Miss Sloane into the trade along with 70k. PM me fast.

I want 8 shaker 0 xp

Let me buy it for 166666

Trade my Aegis with Rex Sweig & Impera Sloane

Hello I am trading the current cards looking for Hive . Due to the fluctuation in market we will go by current market price .

I have the following for trade :

Chad Bread Cr Full XP ( 95K )
2x Lowki 0xp ( 40K )
Sledg Cr 0xp ( 58K )
Bloodh Full XP ( 38K )
Total : 216k
ALSO I HAVE Clintz to offer aswell for them please pm me for a faster response thanks you smiley

Regarder et trouver

〤-【 20】 Christelle 0xp【25k/T】
〤-【240】 Trixie 0xp 【900/T】
〤-【55】 Python 0xp 【5.7k/T】
〤-【106】 Shazam 0xp 【1650/T】
〤-【100】 Cybil 0xp 【499/T】
〤-【45】 Armand 0xp 【5k/T】
〤-【20】 onyx 0xp 【400/T】
〤-【20】 Leela 0xp 【3.6k/T】
〤-【29】 Stompah 0xp 【20/T】
〤-【43】 Zinifrid 0xp 【1.8k/T】
〤-【45】 Nanook 0xp 【8.8k/T】
〤-【56】 wagner 0xp 【500/T】
〤-【15】 zornado 0xp 【20k/T】
〤-【15】 shakra 0xp 【115k/T】
〤-【18】 brutus 0xp 【20k/T】

Je Recherche:

〤-【Rockwall 0xp】 16k smiley smiley smiley
〤-【Ruru 0xp】 36k
〤-【X-0dus 0xp】 30k
〤-【C Dusk 0xp】 30k
〤-【Cr Cartes】

smiley MERCI smiley

thursday 06/10/2016

Good price smiley

I offer Rass Cr, Shawoman Cr
I am looking for Flavio Cr, Berserkgirl Cr, Lao Cr

Price now is 1,750,000

Hey everyone who would sell me Ymirah for 1 Shakra 1 ZRobbie 1 Saki 1 Ursula 1 Leone and the rest in cash.

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