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wednesday 14/06/2017

100x Sakura Cr for 30000 each



Sell : 5690 Ginger 0exp for 200 clintz each


What about Globumm if you get no others for all them noctezuma smiley

anyways GL haha smiley

Don't worry. it will return to 3.2 in no time.

Hi guys i have to trade these cards for Kerozinn Cr:

12 Cortez Full [65k ea]
100 Sukareto 0xp [12k ea]
Kalindra Cr 0xp [310k]

I value Kerozinn CR at 1M20K

pm me if you're interested in making a deal or with other CR offers you might have

No. As chance would have it I just sold my full exp Jim Cr.

Can make the price be somewhere between 680k to 720k

tuesday 13/06/2017


I want to sell or trade my 2x Flavio Cr, 1 is 0xp and 1 is full xp,
I estimate one copy at around 1,7M
If you're interested PM me with your offers, mostly looking for cash and playable CRs, no lots

Thanks smiley

I am looking to trade Melissa Cr.
I value her at 530k(20k less than market value).
I am willing to trade for card + clintz.
Interested in Maana Cercei, Victor Van Dort, Shann Cr.

monday 12/06/2017

State price, would like a discount


I have a 0xp Kiki CR to trade for your Guru CR at any level.

I am willing to negotiate!

PM me smiley.

Current profit for other person is +50k

sunday 11/06/2017

I give 500 000 for Ombre Cr and no 1 clint more.

Looking for Lyse full xp, I'm offering:
260 rubie 0xp (16k pd) 4160k
10 maana cercei ox (180pd) 1800k
kerozinn cr 0xp 1400k
10 impera sloane 0xp (115k pd) 1150k
2kk cash

contacts by pm! please!

Hi, I sell Emeth Cr, but if anyone want to trade with Quetzal aare welcome

Hi, I sell Emeth Cr, but if anyone want to trade with Quetzal aare welcome

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