thursday 18/08/2016

I can add more how many do u want?

I'm selling 7 Ironjaws
3 x 0xp IronJaw(72k)
4 x Full IronJaw(76k)

Cards wanted:
Smokey Cr

Actual price will be determined at the time of Trade.

All offers are considered, even cards not on the wanted list.

Full Xp ones are 76k(3k for the xp)

Prices are negotiable.

Je fais des recherches sur certaines cartes pour compléter quelques lots.

Je Recherche:
17 Antoinette 0xp - 25k/t
5 El Mariachi 0xp - 29k/t
1 Fairbanks 0p - 53k

Pour un échange , je peux offrir :
53 Sabrina 0xp - 18k/t
2 Antoinette full + 2k pour 2 Antoinette 0xp
Alec Cr 0xp - 470k
Alec Cr full - 460k


wednesday 17/08/2016

Pleasure doing business smiley

Rattle Full(55k)
Drakorah Full(45k)
Shaker Full(34k)
Drak 0xp(30k)
Mim Full(20k)
Baby Q Full(13k)
Haaken 0xp(10k)
Donnie Full(6k)
Tula Full(6k)
Vito Full(4k)
Isatis 0xp(4k)

Total Value: 55+45+34+30+20+13+10+6+6+4+4=225k+

I'm only asking for 200k!

Hi!, I am looking for a lise teria cr, doesn' t matter the exp, I offer you 3,5M cash + 35 Charlie 0exp

I'm selling a Noctezuma Cr 0xp (170k)

The actual price will be based on market price at the time of trade.

Cards wanted:
Smokey Cr(300k, A little low, but that's all I can afford)

I'm open to any offers no in my cards wanted list. The price is negotiable.


je cherche Guru Cr

je estime Guru Cr 11,000,000 Clintz

je propose :

Shann Cr 0xp = 125.000 clintz
Kerozinn Cr full = 1.270.000 clintz
Marlysa Cr full = 2.899.990 clintz
4 Noctezuma Cr 0xp = 679.996 clintz
2 Edd Cr 0xp = 170.000 clintz
Vickie Cr 0xp = 1.150.000 clintz
5 Kenny Cr 0xp = 890.000 clintz
2 Marco Cr full = 201.000 clintz
3 Sledg Cr 0xp = 174.000 clintz
Caelus Cr 0xp = 315.000 clintz
Tanaereva Cr full = 445.000 clintz
Tanaereva Cr 0xp = 499.999 clintz
Jackie Cr full = 380.000 clintz
12 Zatman Cr 0xp = 1.259.998 clintz
+ 540.017 Clintz

total 11m

par Vp

Thank you very much smiley smiley

I will buy your moai 0cp for 8.5k/each if you want to sell

tuesday 16/08/2016

Can I get a smokey cr for 290k please .

No, not too late.
I'm buying Smokey Cr, and Hawkins
I'm low on clintz though, so not instant sale.

Beck - nena 60-65k galactea 60-70k chiara cr 50-55k michael 35-40k

Exactly what the title says. Message me if interested.

I dont have Pr Balthazar, Drakorah, Argos, Ahkab ando i'm already looking for Marco Cr, Saki.

No sorry omerta only list wanted

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