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friday 02/05/2008

This guild is for the most elite, wether it be by your level, or the fact that you have a kick-ass deck, or the fact that you know alot about this game, if you would like to join, just post here why you think you could get in (To get in by Level, you must be level 30+) (For your deck, you must meet certain, unknown to you, criteria) (For knowledge, I will message you a test, this test is different for everybody.)

The minimum level has changed to lv15+
for the lv 13+ who wanted to join when you get your 15 postulate again and you will be accepted

Thanks soliuz........sorry if I left the guild but I`ll be back there soon.....

Close this plz assecro dont mention we give free cards hobos come and leave fast

This guild has been unactive and is recruiting all active members. We will have tournements , deck discussion and many other great things.

thursday 01/05/2008

We accept alsome players
you have to be lvl 15 and up to jion unless your really join
also we have toournaments for cards in this guild
so join if you want to play with the bestsmiley

Good can i join

Oh, and here's the guild:


I'm sure i made another thread, but where did it go? If admins find it, please delete one or the other.


In the Guild 'The Dark Legion', we are recruiting. Recruiting ANYONE.
More active players will be admins at this early stage, but i've currently only got my schoolmates in the guild, and their activity is questionable.

So, if you play urban rivals, you're active, you're at least level 0 and you're looking for a guild, we've always got a spot.

We are not currently deploying the guild tag, which would be TDL if we were to ever use it.
I'm looking for admins to help me recruit, expand the guild and manage candidates. And to be members smiley!

So, here's the link if you are interesed:

And i hope you join!
Count Drkulic

Do you like collecting members of the Fang Pi Clang? Do the Pussy Cats rock your world? Well then join the Kung Fu Kitties Guild and be apart of a wicked awesome group ready to do battle!


active players, active guild message board, fun guild to be in, you can join if you want smiley

As MrKingPin EVO says, mod lock this thread please

LvL 25 and up..........

The new guild Frozen Heavens, which I am the founder of, currently has 6 members, but we are searching for more. Any member is welcome, so please feel free to join!
Thanks, Lil Shiro

wednesday 30/04/2008

Join My Guild The Dark Wolf, Which stands for Strong and Determined People that are Brave and Furious who can withstand anything, Those who believe in Themselves will be called a Dark Wolf Member's. Whoever joins will be like a younger brother or sister. In this guild we are like family, We always stick together like Wolves do.

Looking for any lvl
You will not be turned down so if you are looking for a guild The Dark Wolf is avalible

Hey you can join Beast squaD

Join now and recieve adminship.

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