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thursday 27/10/2016

Selling my flesh pimp for 3000 clintz each may go lower on me for more info or offers


I offer :
2 Caelus Cr 0xp 300k ea
2 Rex Sweig 0xp 160k ea
5 Rattle 0xp 42k ea.
Total : 1130k I Also will add 100k in clintz
Overall total : 1230k
Willing to also consider clintz offer. and replace the rest in clintz .
Pm me for fastest response thank you smiley

wednesday 26/10/2016

Hi, I offer 27 Cortex full xp estim 71k for Sigmund and Swidz

Give 1m for it

Closing this thursday just so people know

Looking to trade lyse teria cr for dj korr cr with around 2m compliments your way

Ma Guru Cr 0 xp contre Guru Cr full xp + 80k

Hi, Im looking for Kiki Cr for 10.5M and I offer:

8 Mechakolos Cr OXP 150K/T = 1.2M
17 Pericles OXP 85K/T = 1.445M
4 Jackie Cr OXP 450K/T = 1.8M
Tessa Cr Full 1.5M = 1.5M
75 Annie OXP 5K/T= 375K
100 Jason OXP 5K/T = 500K
15 Octana OXP 18K/T = 270K
Dr Copernica Cr Full 100K = 100K
Lamar Cr Full 2.5M = 2.5M
Copper Cr Full 140K = 140K
16 Dorian OXP 30K/T = 480K
Noctezuma Cr OXP = 210K

Total: 10 520 000 Clintzsmiley

I make it 425k cash for full and 475k cash for 0xp

tuesday 25/10/2016

Found a buyer for the Kerozinn, thanks for all the PM's guys and girls, but I'll close this subject down now!

I'll close this within 24h

Update: All cards are gone

PM me with your offer

monday 24/10/2016

Marco not needed anymore

Up, thank you and keep going smiley

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