thursday 24/04/2008

Join blood killers...
we are helpful and friendly

-you must be level 10+ to join
-must have at least green faces

join guild:214328

Uh...hello master player.I would like to introduce The Green Team to u.This guild is made for everyone so please join.use this link or search the Player's Guild for: The Green Team.Thank You.
Founder,The Green Team

Hi pinoyz!The Green Team is looking for new members.Rulessmileylay fair and love our Mother Earth!

Join the nsl guild its fun and active

Come on we roksmiley

wednesday 23/04/2008


The guild is still open for a short time it seems! Despite having only 2 low-level members, we both ended with a score around 1200 ELO, and my friend won something.

If you want to reach the top, join us, because we'll definitely get there!

Use the link to get to the lords of war

Master guild of the world plz join its probably 1 of the best

I love the Simpsons! smiley

Good luck!

And I just noticed yvan eht nioj, LMAO... smiley

guild:212722 <==Join people, you forgot a link... smiley

tuesday 22/04/2008

Click here to join guild:214138

Mods.... close this.....
got a guild smiley

Not recruiting anymore coz i quitted from that guild

Mastoid Process - the bony prominence located behind the ear. correct? smiley

hmm.. u dont have a guild yet. how can people join if u haven't made a guild yet? smiley

I have started a new guild for players who like the .hack game series. If you havent heard of the game series plese feel free to drop in. The name of the guild is .Hack

monday 21/04/2008

We are an ok guild right now. but we want new people to come so we can become bigger and have more fun in our clan. we had an active message board and talk frequently on there. the only requirements is u have to be lvl 10 or higher, and be an active player. Also it would be better if u speak english so u will beable to talk to us in the message board.


sunday 20/04/2008

Heres ur guild link good luck

U can join GODS OF WARS

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