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saturday 26/04/2008

To join click here guild:195472

The guild doesn't exist yet.

Yeah add D_A Light too!

On no did they use a ogoun kyu on you smileysmileysmiley jp go Black Dragons

friday 25/04/2008

Mods close i think he joined a guild smiley

This is my new guild and i am looking for members so if you think you have what it takes you should join

The alliance is recruiting all u wish to be in a guild so just apply

Guild:215794 is recruiting
this guild is not about the game.... it's not about the cards you have.... it's not about strategy....it's about helping each other in their times of need... even though we might not help you physically, we can help you morally....

click this ----> guild:215794


Looking for a few more europeans to create this guild together with me.

With regards DazL

Lol not quite

All dragonz and playerz level 10 & up r welcome smiley Join today!!

thursday 24/04/2008

Please Talk!

U can tell my guild GODS OF WARS have buzz because everytime i check this a new guild with GODS OF WARS or something similar to that is up here trying to recruite....... i love my guild GODS OF WARS

Wtx has just opened looking for active players.

Yo join the GODS OF WARS we are a good guild if u dont beleive ask around and see.... u have to be lvl 8 and up.......u have to be on ( UR )aleast 3 of 7 days..... active in forums and who knows maybe u will become admin....i dont have one yet

founder eric9t3

We are accepting all player beginners and advance players if you think you have what it take plz join
the Death Gods of War at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=166737

Want to be a better player than JOIN NOW!!!!!!!

Well iff your looking for the best guild in the world come to the english warrior guild smiley

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