tuesday 12/01/2016

180k or pm offer
clintz only
Thanks smiley

Herman 0xp 7800/each , i need 39 askai 0xp

As the title says I'm looking to buy a decent T1 deck.

Max I can spend on one is fairly high so if looking sell one pm me thanks.

Such as Wardom, Leviatonn..Etc, PM me if you have Gheist cards your willing to sell. My budget is roughly 13-15k per card depending on the market ofc

Auctions are not allowed to post on threads if it's already on sale

thanks !

Noctezuma 0xp for Dr Copernica Cr0xp/max

send me a sale i will send you my noctezuma back


monday 11/01/2016

Drundakr forgot to write trade or sale also think this subject will get closed.

I have a Full xp DJ Korr cr wanna trade it for full General cr and 1.5mm Clintz.

If someone wants to ask for a little more ill consider it.

Cards are going fast so if you want a nb message me as soon as possible.

As the title says I'm looking for unwanted cheap and decent cards.

Also look at my auction some with very good characters and only 50 chintz start price.

If have any characters to sell to me pm me thanks smiley

For 22500 clintz

New blood. On new release days

"What does a lvl 10 noob know" ; I had a lvl 77, legend acc


If anyone is interested in any of the latest 50 New bloods and wants to buy them or even bulks of them please contacted me.


sunday 10/01/2016

Close topic smiley thx for all admin or moderator smiley

Please write an approximate value you would like to buy Elya for.

Thanks, and good luck! smiley

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As per the rules, please write at least an approximate value you would either like to sell or trade your cards for. You can always negotiate afterward in your PMs.

Thank you, and good luck! smiley

I sell 96 Randy full xp 2300 clintz/each one smiley

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