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sunday 16/10/2016

14 Gone, 21 pericles OXP leftsmiley

21 Pericles + 15K for 6 Ymirah OXPsmiley

The moderator pmed him smiley


I'll buy your Mim 22kea

pm me

I am currently entertaining all offers for him.
This does not mean I will accept trade but please pm me offers.

Sell Sum Sam Cr for 1,950,000clintz
Trade value 2,100,000clintz.
( We can always negotiable I am open to talk about prices )
Please Pm Me for fastest response

You cr are 0xp or full ?

Your offer for 200 ruru 0xp ?

Make me an offer for my Tessa Cr ?

I bought all your Saki 0xp 25k head

saturday 15/10/2016

I am searching for 2 Vickie Cr 0xp or full for my Sum Sam Cr full 2.1mil + Rex Sweig 0xp 165k smiley
If cash I will sell for 2,050,000clintz
Willing to also consider the following cards aswell with cash.

- Kerozinn cr
- Dounia Cr
- Graksmxxt
- Noodile Cr 0xp
- Tanaereva Cr
- Kalindra Cr
Please PM me with offers , or comment if you please smiley
Everything is negotiable, have a good day smiley


Looking to trade Guru Cr for Crs.
I value Guru Cr at around 12,500,000 in Cards
I'm searching for :
Marlysa Cr
Lamar Cr
Splata Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Vickie Cr
Miss twice Cr
And the Rest in clintz
Pm me if interested

Florida Jane 0exp for Dragomir 0exp + 6k?

150 mamoon 2000/ card
140 Gastroboy 2950/ card

Mp if you are interested

Buying Miss Jessies any XP, PM me if you have some. Looking to buy them for around 2-3k.

1 left! Sell for 35k. Hurry

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