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monday 21/04/2008

We are an ok guild right now. but we want new people to come so we can become bigger and have more fun in our clan. we had an active message board and talk frequently on there. the only requirements is u have to be lvl 10 or higher, and be an active player. Also it would be better if u speak english so u will beable to talk to us in the message board.

Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=193900

sunday 20/04/2008

Heres ur guild link good luck


U can join GODS OF WARS

U can join GODS OF WARS im not the leader but ill tell him to message u ASAP the leader is eric9t3

Calling al players l who wants to make a difference and have fun in the game , we invite you all to our guild . We are the Domino Effect. We are still new and we love to play the game. hope to see ya! smiley

There's no level requirement..?

Join my guild at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=211761

THE HIDDEN MOON VILLAGEsmileysmileysmiley

Mods please close ive oined a new guild


I swear, is it really hard to post a link to your own guild? I'm not targeting you out, just seems there are A LOT of people that don't put links up.

In the Legion our members are respectful, talkative, and the best.

-have to level 15 or over


saturday 19/04/2008

Click here to join guild:209671

Click here to join guild:212015

Mods please close this thread. This is a multiple copy of Eric9t3's guild recruitment thread and this may start a flame war.

To join click here guild:210630

@Eric9t3 please read game rules,faq's and the whole message board first before calling someone dumb.

To join click here guild:212051

Try Circle of Friends. We'll take anyone below 15, and help train them. No other restrictions

We move you up to another after that smiley

The Dresden Files is open for any.

Click the x next to the play button

urban underdogs an active and an appreciative guild made for fun and respect

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