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thursday 17/04/2008

Click here to join guild:207275



Right now we are a pretty big guild we have about 22 members we talk alot on our message board. We are look for ppl who are above lvl 10, are active by playing the game alot, and is active on the message board. We are a good guild and hope to expand and get bigger.

link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=193900

wednesday 16/04/2008


Im going to star handing out back hands if you people dont start posting linkssmileysmiley

I guess they understand smiley Translation of my earlier post: Click here to join Legion Of The Paper Aguila

Come on my guild is still running

Sufficed! You had not looked that suffices?
If you are also a card sign amateur ,Welcome to communicate the exchange with me
If you are the UR design group ,Then has not hurried to let us discuss well
I manufactured many race card signs to hope that shared with everybody
If has a point they to be able to accept that is really too good !
My English is not too good smiley

Bienvenue concitoyens canadiens, à la Guilde canadienne Croisés page de forum de recrutement. Pour présenter une demande de se joindre à nous, d'abord, vous devez avoir plus de lvl 5, (Game règle.) Et doivent être canadiens. Si vous tombez dans le cadre de ces deux catégories, vous pouvez faire une demande auprès de nous. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=209057 <----Pour rejoindre. smiley Merci ya. smiley


tuesday 15/04/2008


for some reason the link you gave takes me to my Guild WMD?

The name says it all, if your interested in joining:


Fill in this application. All is welcome and there are no standards

There are two meanings to this name

1. We are Gods Gift
2. Lets get iRiE!smiley

I should also say, I am on the lookout for a guild if anyone is interested in helping the new guy out. smiley



I just started a new clan called the mob.. anyone interested, just send in the request.. must have at least two montanas in your deck.. hope ya join..... Va smileyrdain

Join The Legends Of America

monday 14/04/2008

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It's nice to meet you Zack. Welcome to the game!smiley

Indeed. This matter has been well discussed, and we've already recieved a warning from one of the head admins to stop talking about it. No one but the very team that makes the cards knows anything, so please do not take up space with something like this.

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